Maziar Malakouti Digital Marketing Specialist Los Angeles
Love your family. Work super hard. Live your passion.

I am a Los Angeles based digital marketing specialist, passionate about growing businesses and brands. With 4+ years of experience in digital marketing, I've had the great pleasure of working with many different type of clients. Some startups, some entrepreneurs, some working professionals, and businesses of differing size. Utilizing my knowledge and experience in SEO, Social Media Growth, Email Marketing and Paid Advertising, I've been able to grow revenue for my business clients by 33% on average. My work with clients is ever-changing, and the tools and work demands change too but what remains unchanged is my love for marketing and business building. It's this love that drives me and pushes me to work smarter and harder, for longer.

Prior to working full-time as a digital marketing specialist, I studied at the University of California, Irvine where I studied Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. When I wasn't studying, I spent most of my free time working at the UCI ANTrepreneur Center, the free entrepreneurial resource on campus. During my time at the ANTrepreneur Center, I would market the center and its services, and consult with students looking to pursue or grow their startup ideas. It was during this time at the ANTrepreneur Center where I fell in love with marketing and business building.

Looking to grow your business/brand? Want to work with someone who is passionate and hardworking?